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AIDS Arms, Inc. is seeking a chief operating officer (COO) who would provide operational management of its 3 facilities, business, details, and operations support systems. Begun in xxxx, we are the largest HIV/AIDS nonprofit organization in North Texas with a current operating budget of over $10 million and 95 full-time employees. Our programs served over 14,000 patients and/or clients in xxxx located throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Current programs include HIV/STD testing and prevention, case management, outpatient medical care, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, clinical research, and community outreach. Employees are medical and psychosocial professionals from all levels. Reporting to the chief executive officer, this position of agency leadership is responsible for managing Details Technology, Facilities Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, Human Resources, and Clinic Administration. The position plays a key role in facilitating the Agencys strategic planning and reporting efforts. The position requires the following min attributes